Middle school persuasive essay topics

For the majority of students writing a persuasive essay is a dreadful task and getting them interested in this task can be a tiresome task for a good teacher. One of the ways to make the task of writing a persuasive essay more meaningful for the students is to tie it with real life facts and concerns. If you would like to accomplish persuasive essay and enjoy the process of writing you need to choose the most urgent and interesting high school persuasive essay topics to be interested to explore.

Here are some persuasive argument essay topics you may get interested in.

  • Fast Food at School Canteen

This type is an essay is a great opportunity to distinguish pros and cons of fast food.

At your school you may see that McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are added to the every day menu. Such addition may become the reason why the prices are getting higher and the obesity problem is rising greatly among teenagers. Should your school include fast food into the menu? If yes, what kind of addition can be the most successful? Write your essay in order to persuade your class mates and make certain you address health risks and the cost increase in stating your viewpoints.

  • Girls and Boys Separate Teems

One of the topics to write persuasive argument essay on is ‘Boys and Girls Separate Teams’, which debates over whether girls and boys should be in same or different sex sports teams. The point is that some parents approach schools administration to allow girls to become members of boys’ sports teams, but they don’t think that young men should be allowed to play in the teams of girls. In this essay you may understandably and clearly explain your viewpoint on this topic and try to persuade your classmates. What do you think? Are parents right? Is it OK to make a unisex school sport team? Or should the sport teams be separated according to gender?

  • Curfew Question

The city council has imposed a curfew. According to new ordinance all the teenagers who haven’t reached 18 should stay out of the downtown area of the city after 10 p.m. Such decision was taken in order to protect teens from drinking, violence. What kind of thoughts do you have related to this topic? Remember to support your position using realistic facts, details and examples.