Best Ways to Start Writing a Persuasive Essay

The standard way of how to start a persuasive essay involves providing your reader with the subject overview, the essay importance explanation, pointing out a problem and then stating a thesis statement. Nevertheless, there are also a number of other approaches that work well for the reason that they are more likely to attract the reader and get interest for the further reading.

In order to get familiar with different ways of essay introduction, you may avail of online persuasive essays samples that usually include persuasive essays ideas you can build your essay on. But before you launch into a standard introduction paragraph with a thesis statement and its end, it is recommended to open with the problem you are going to persuade the others to solve. In make sure this kind of essay opening will make your readers want to continue reading, you should avoid all sorts of scolding and keep to the facts.

While studying the persuasive essays samples you may notice that some authors open persuasive essay with a solution that is far more optimistic way, but it also waits for the other shoe to drop. For instance, you state in your opening paragraph that from now on fresh food is available for your school canteen through local food cooperatives, and you provide the description of how with this food your school could advance child nutrition. After that you let another shoe drop in the following paragraph where you provide the description for the problem: there’s a huge problem of childhood obesity in the community you live in, but the administrators of school are worried about the price of fresh food, and the children want their frozen pizza.

One of the opening persuasive essays ideas is to start your paper with a statistic related to the essay focus. You can finish off the 1st paragraph there and then flow on to the next one, or develop it with some other sentence where you provide your reader with some helpful background. Reliable sources take account of government agencies such as the FBI, and university studies. Make sure not to take statistic out of context and always provide citation for the statistic source to add up credibility for the opening.