Persuasive Essay Format That Would Spark Up Your Argument

As the phrase itself speaks, Persuasive argument essays are essays written to persuade or convince someone about something or to prove a certain point or idea about a certain topic in such a way that your readers accept it. Persuasive essay examples could vary from controversial or sensitive issues like religious and political or it could just be plain like choosing an internet connection.

Some of the persuasive essay examples could include topics such as “Christianity or Islam?”, “Should corporal punishments be allowed in school?” or something as simple as “Choosing new mobile brands over old one” etc.

Persuasive argument essay is often written in order to convey your message or argument peacefully. So to make your writing stronger, influential and convincing; care must be taken in some areas. Your writing should be powerful enough to force the other party to believe in what you say. For this, you should follow a proper style of writing. Below I am mentioning some points which might help you in understanding persuasive essay format.

  1. Topic: Your topic should be eye-catching for your audience.
  2. Introduction: Dedicate first few lines of your essay to introduction, giving a general idea about what you are talking about. Special care must be taken to make it interesting.
  3. Body: The body of your essay is the main part of the whole argument. Allot 2-5 paragraphs to it. Give around 2-5 reasons, depending upon the requirement of your essay. Support your reasons with relevant explanation and examples. Also mention possible counter points to which you think you could disagree with logical reasons. You could also show both expects of a certain topic.
  4. Conclusion: Summarize your essay’s body and give your opinion.
  5. General points: Use correct punctuations, spellings and grammar and review your essay. Always give logical and factual description.

It is very important to take care that you know who your audience is and then write accordingly. Choose words and phrases that would make your readers feel oblige to accept your points. Get assistance in writing a persuasive essay online if you need professional writing help!