Day: May 25, 2011

How to Generate GOOD Topics for a Persuasive Essay

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Usually, students don’t know how to start a persuasive essay and the biggest stumbling block is the task to pick persuasive essay topic. The point is that the only difficult when selecting the topic for persuasive essay is finding the one that represents quite a huge issue to conduct research for. No matter what topic you pick for your project, you will definitely generate a paper that will be beyond praise!

Develop a unique persuasive essay topic!

This is one of the hardest parts of persuasive essay writing. Finding persuasive essays ideas can be guided by your personal creativity level, interests and level of persuasion potential. Before you start formulating your essay, you have to know that almost all topics have already been discussed. There are 2 sides of each topic, thus, you won’t have any problem providing your persuasive essays ideas and arguments.

While looking for a topic, be careful with the topics that are considered to be “the hub of the universe” in pop culture, history or sports. If you make up you mind to write about abortion, death penalty or race discrimination, you will have to add some special thrill to your topic in order to make it out of the ordinary.

Consider these persuasive essays samples of topics when working on your project:

POP culture

  • Effects of violent films on kids
  • Internet music downloading: is it legal?
  • Sexual elements in mass media
  • Effects of cell phones on teenagers
  • Effects of online social networks


  • Use of steroids in sports
  • Is it legal to sell alcohol at sport events?
  • Sports recruitment practices at colleges
  • Public university sports corporate funding
  • Public sponsorship of professional stadiums
  • Salary caps of professional athletes

Consider these persuasive essays samples of topics and brainstorm them with your instructor. These are the ideas you may find around you, in your every day life. Remember, when writing your persuasive essay creativity is of paramount importance!